The top performance of the 530-hp 8-cylinder petrol engine, the outstanding precision of the Adaptive M suspension Professional or the effortless cooperation between Adaptive 2-axle air suspension and xOffroad package make the BMW X6 a superior Sports Activity Coupé on any terrain.

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M Sport exhaust system

M Sport exhaust system delivers a sound that can be adjusted to an even more intense engine sound with the driving dynamics button in the SPORT and SPORT+ programmes, while the comfort oriented programme prioritises more discreet engine acountist

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Adaptive M Suspension

The Adaptive M Suspension can be electrically adjusted at anytime to suit the road and driving conditions. You can also adjust the suspension characteristics via the Driving Experience Control to enable your preferred driving style at the time - from comfortable to extremely athletic with markely agile handling.

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M Carbon rear spoiler

The M Carbon rear spoiler emphasises the vehicle's powerful, sporty design and noticeably reduces unwanted aerodynamic uplift on the rear axle.

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Sport seats for driver and front passenger

Dynamic and comfortable: the standard and invidually adjustable Sport seats for the driver and front passenger feature numerous electric adjustment option, including backrest width and seat angle. Together with adjustable thigh support, the taller seat and backrest bolsters provide excellent ergonomics and more lateral support during fast cornering .

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BMW xDrive

The intelligent BMW xDrive all-wheel drive system smoothly and variably distributes drive power to the front and rear wheels for maximum traction, driving dynamics and safety in every driving situation. For even better agility, the electronically controlled power distribution for instance counterbalances oversteer or understeer on bends.

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xOffroad package

The BMW X6 features an xOffroad package that allows you to travel safety and quickly on the road as well as on less solid surfaces at all times. Four selectable offroad modes adapt the all-wheel drive BMW xDrive even more precisely to the current driving surface for even better traction on sand, rocks, gravel or snow.

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Driving Experience Control

The Driving Experience Control offers the driver the choice between the standard COMFORT mode ore ECO PRO mode, geared towards efficiency, and SPORT mode, which enables even more dynamic driving. The new interactive Adaptive Mode function continuously adjusts the adaptive suspension, the steering and the Steptronic transmission to suit the current driving situation.

Welcome Light Carpet

The Welcome Light Carpet function projects an ambient light graphic in front of the vehicle doors and creates a surrounding welcome ambient right at the entrance. The light carpet also makes getting out in the dark even more comfortalbe and safe.

Panorama glass roof

When open, the Panorama glass roof provides a great deal of fresh air. Closed, it creates a bright, ligh flooded atmosphere in the interior. It opens and closes completely automatically at the push of a button or with the vehicle key, and is equipped with slide and lift functions, roller sunblind and wind deflector.

Ambient light

The standard Ambient light, including Ambient contour lighting in the front and rear doors, creates a relaxed, cozy lighting atmosphere in the interior. The Welcome Light Carpet illuminates the area in front of the vehicle doors when entering and exiting. Six dimmable light designs in White, Blue, Orange, Bronze, Lilac and Green are available.

Glass applications 'Craftedclarity' for interior elements

The 'Craftedclarity' glass application comprises hand-made glass elements that visually and tactilely enhance the interior. The detail or the gear selector, BMW Controller and Start/Stop button are made of fine crystal.